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You want to give away a big prize to a golfer that makes a hole in one at your next golf outing, but don’t want to assume the risk of having to foot the bill? We understand!

Why Choose American Hole ‘n One?

A Company You Can Trust

Often called “hole in one insurance,” we cover the cost of your selected prize for a fraction of its value if someone makes a qualifying hole in one. Our long history of 30 years in business covering thousands of tournaments is proof that you have selected a company you can trust. Plus, we are underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Company.

We Offer Tremendous Value

At no additional charge, we’ll also include specialty signage featuring the primary hole in one sponsor along with prizes and signs on every other par 3 hole on the golf course. This means if a player makes a hole in one anywhere on the course, they win! We call these “bonus prizes,” because that’s exactly what they are – no cost to you!

We Make it Easy

Our team of professionally trained customer service reps will walk you through the process of obtaining coverage in just minutes, or you can do it right here on our website!


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    American Media & Special Promotions (AMSP), a division of AHNO, is here to help build brand awareness and drive traffic via Direct Mail Promotions,
    Sporting Events, Sweepstakes, In-store Contests and more!
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    For over 30 years,
    American Hole ‘n One
    the most effective turn-key
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    experience with world
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    Founded in 1986, American Hole ‘n One (AHNO) revolutionized the golf promotions industry. Since the beginning, AHNO has been dedicated to serving each and every client with complete commitment to their promotion desires.
    As the company began to grow, our division of American Media & Special Promotions (AMSP) emerged to provide promotions for sporting and events for any business’s needs. Our in-house print shop, American Signs & Graphix (ASG) was founded in 1995 to offer the highest quality signage to our esteemed clientele.



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    I have been doing business exclusively with AHNO for over 14 years. When organizing over 70 golf outings per year, I need a Signage and Hole In One company who I can trust. Make a smart decision and hire AHNO for your next event – quality and attention to detail is second to no one.
    Roger Caldwell
    I have been hosting this major golf tournament for about 14 years. 8 years ago, I talked my company into using American Hole ‘n One instead of a competitor. My company was so pleased with the level of service and quality of product offered. You always go the extra mile, and the signage is by far the best in the business. American Hole ‘n One is the best, I will always be a loyal AHNO customer.
    Rob Stewart, Tournament Director
    In early January I began “shopping” for hole-in-one insurance. When I came across your company I was blown away by the person on the other end of the phone. I was so impressed! I chose your company because of your impressive customer service and sales Staff. That particular CSR was simply amazing and is someone to be appreciated. If I were still active in business, I would try to steal her from you. I hope you recognize that you have a winner.
    F. Geoffrey Toonder, M.D., Tournament Committee Member
    I’ve been using AHNO for 30 years and this is why we use you guys. You ALWAYS come through for us on these deals.
    Mark Sellards, Local Commercial-Fleet Truck Mgr.
    Your CSRs at AHNO are phenomenal. They have always gone above and beyond my expectations. This level of customer service and caring is what has solidified me as a loyal AHNO customer. I have worked with competitors for a few years until I was won over by your Customer Service team.
    Miguel Casanova
    I love your staff! You are unbelievable! I still have the email address of your boss and I will be telling them how great you all are.
    Licia Willnow
    I would like to recognize your CSR for her fantastic customer service and going above and beyond in helping me with my consistent requests and numerous questions. Very rarely do I get to experience such pleasant service. I’ve also spoken to other members of the American Hole ‘n One team who are also very good as well. Her response time to my emails/calls was within minutes. She was very friendly and always answered my questions with detail and accuracy.
    Samantha Rajkumar
    I have personally handled our hole-in-one business for the past 20 years, coordinating 10-15 tournaments per year. All too frequently, I am “pitched” by multiple competitors offering better rates, more expansive services , etc. I have never seriously considered making a change, primarily due to the exceptional service of your entire staff. As a dealer principal with plenty to do in addition to hole-in-one arrangements, convenience most important to me. You staff’s responsiveness and follow through is exceptional—a real competitive advantage for your firm. Thanks for cultivating such good people.
    Bill Marsh